How to Save Money on Prescriptions

How to Save Money on Prescriptions While Making the World a BETTER Place

A letter from BetterWorldRx co-owner Todd Marshall.

I want to tell you about BetterWorldRx, a prescription medication discount app with an additional benefit. Full disclosure, I am one of the owners, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also be a user.

First, for background, the BetterWorldRx app accesses multiple discount programs to find the best price for you based on your medication and pharmacy preference. The app is free, available to both Apple and Android users, is easy to use, and no information is requested from you. All you do is download the app, enter your location and medication, and the app returns the best pricing for your prescription at each of the participating pharmacies closest to your location. You then select your preferred pharmacy and show the card image to that pharmacy. There is another benefit I will explain in a moment that makes BetterWorldRx the BETTER choice.

I need a prescription every month, and I also have good insurance. But, the last time I got a refill, I tried the app to see how the pricing compared to my insurance co-pay. I was very pleased to find that through the app, I could purchase my prescription for $68.27 vs. my insurance co-pay of $89.00. I was happy to save over $20. I also learned that if I hadn’t had insurance, the regular cost would have been $192.99! But with the app, it still would have cost me only $68.27. By the way, I could have saved even more, up to $12.00 more, by choosing a different pharmacy. But I decided on the pharmacy close to where I live. As a user, I am thrilled with the app.

What makes BetterWorldRx different? The app allows you to support a cause at no additional cost. For every completed prescription purchase using the app, $1.00 is donated by the company to a charity, which does not impact your discount. The donation comes from the company; you can select the preferred charity you want to benefit from your transactions. This step only needs to be completed once, but you can change your preferred organization anytime. You will find Humanitarian, Education, Environment, Health, Women, Elderly, Veterans, and other causes in the app.

Being an animal lover, I selected the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, and they received a $1.00 donation for my completed transaction. Imagine getting 10,000 people to choose that charity and complete transactions; this organization would receive $10,000.

As a user, I see the results that motivated us to develop the app. I am reducing the cost of my prescription, and my transactions are prompting donations to causes that will help others and make the world BETTER!

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